Project 333

Thrift shopping has been my jam since I was 15 (and still is). I loved buying items for less, and would leave with giant bags of stuff. My justification for all of it was “I just spent $50 on allll these clothes!”

When I moved out on my own, I rented a cute 1 bedroom duplex with built in closets. (Think a water heater closet). My stuff wouldn’t fit. So I just got rid of stuff.And as I got older I started to appreciate less, and desired something more simple.

Fall 2013:  I came across Project333. The same 33 items for 3 months.  I decided to try it, and I found dressing in the morning was so much easier. I looked forward to choosing my clothes because they were the best pieces. Each flattering, comfortable, and easily worn with each other.

Here is a glimpse in my closet:




Everyday (left side) 

  1. Black basic tank dress //  Savers
  2. Striped black + grey dress // GAP outlet
  3.  Denim jeans // Madewell
  4. Grey Tshirt // gift
  5.  Blue boho dress // Savers
  6.  Black knee length // Savers
  7.  Denim Shorts // Savers
  8. Black Cardigan // GAP outlet
  9. Chambray shirt // Target
  10. Long sleeve Kimono // Cotton On
  11. Short sleeve boho kimono // Etsy
  12. Boho Dress // Black + Brown (not pictured)
  13. Blank Tank // Savers
  14. Red Flannel // Savers

I don’t wear ‘every day’ clothes to work because I work with hair color and bleach. Instead, I have a couple pieces I really like that I don’t mind getting imperfections on.

Work  (right side) 

  1. Long sleeve lace shirt // Papaya
  2. Black dress // Savers
  3. Black jeans // F21
  4. Black T-shirt // Everlane
  5. Army green dress // Savers
  6. Army green cardigan // GAP Outlet


These categories are exempt from ‘wardrobe’ because they’re specific to certain activities.

Hiking, Travel + Exercise
Grey yoga pants // Savers
Aloha tank // gift
Grey tank // gift
Convertible pants // Amazon
Down jacket // Macys

When I’m outside or helping my husband with a project I wear these items. They help with protection. Sometimes I help him sand or cut wood. When we paint I have one pair of leggings and a T shirt specifically for that.

Garden + House work 
Denim // F21
Long sleeve shirt // Savers

Counting items isn’t about having a certain number of things. It’s more about putting a boundary on what you own. Sometimes I have more or less than 33 items. It’s not something to feel bad about if you want to keep more. This process is to simplify life for you, whatever that looks like.

Some immediate benefits are less wasted time in the morning, smaller laundry loads, and less time folding + putting back laundry. (Although, I don’t mind laundry. I find it therapeutic.) Having less also makes me more picky with shopping thus, spending less money and saving more.

Give it a try. It may or may not work. But either way, it’s always fun to try something new.

A loyal Project 333 fan,


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