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Living without drama

The past couple of weeks I have dealt with unhealthy family dynamics. The lack of boundaries and communication can have a negative affect on relationships.

These incidents were not with me personally. In my family I realized I am moral support to many. At times it can be very overwhelming.

Living uncomplicated is an intentional thing. It is thoughtful, and forgiving, and requires work. I have decided I will live without the drama.

If I find myself in the middle I will choose to remove myself. I will continue to be listening ear to my family but will speak up when the conversation goes into circles, or when I feel that an individual isn’t interested in having a conversation, but merely wants to talk without wanting to change. I’ll be mindful to live without feeding into the drama. And, I will also choose to surround myself with individuals who aren’t weighed down by complaints, anger, and competition.

Living lightly is more than just possessions, it is living light in our souls, too.


Quiet Christmas

annie-spratt-469222-unsplashChristmas was good this year.

We opted for a quiet Christmas and a day of homemade cooking. It was a good way to spend the day; we napped, watched some TV, spent time with our animals, and there was no ounce of stress. Some family stopped by to drop off gifts and hang out for awhile. It was fun!

Past Holidays were full of going to two or three different houses in one day. Just writing that sentence gave me anxiety. This year we attended two, and declined three. Being with everyone is fun, but trying to do it all can wear me out.

Sometimes the pressure to be every at every party, accept every invite, and buy everyone something can be so stressful. Not to mention how frazzled people can be trying to do the same thing at the same time. This all detracts from the real meaning of Christmas.

Different from past years, I scheduled a lot of ‘white space’ between my days. If I had to pick up a shift at work, I had the time, and energy.

We committed to less parties. One big, and one small. Cooking side dishes and meals we’ve cooked several times before. No guessing games or stress trying to figure it out.

I created a personalized gift that we gave to close friends, and both of our families. I bought them in bulk, and couldn’t have been more pleased. Wrapping took  one evening. Everyone loved the gift! It was probably one of the best ideas so far, and I’d like to do something similar in the future.

I ordered Holiday cards the beginning of November and they were addressed and ready to go Thanksgiving week. This also took three hours of an afternoon.

AH and I baked sweet treats for my co-workers for gifts.

Lastly, the presents AH and I gave to each other were thoughtful, and bought second hand. He wanted an old record player so I purchased it off eBay. He gifted me a beautiful ring, totally my style, and he got it thrifting! I love a second hand present.

Next year we hope to keep the same traditions, and possibly build more. Whatever brings more calm, stillness, and slowness. Perhaps go out of town to the mountains with close family and friends.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy your Holiday season!