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Traveling Light – South East Asia

AH and I spent time in South East Asia, and I distinctly remember being very choosey with what I brought with me. The benefits of traveling this way start with mobility. I rode on the back of a scooter to a bus station with a heavy pack, and that was painful. Literally painful, so now I choose less.

Packing thoughtfully meant every top had to work with the bottom, and the other way around. It was easy to choose because: fewer options. I usually bring a rain jacket with me no matter what. Besides the rain jacket here is what I packed:

  • white top
  • plaid long sleeve
  • blue t-shirt
  • black skirt
  • denim shorts
  • black denim jeans
  • PJs
  • flip flops
  • tennis shoes


I was pretty happy with how everything fit. Comfort is number one, and aesthetics are number two. Each piece was enough to be simple, and versatile without forfeiting my personal style. Because this worked so well I try to keep the same template for future travel.

On this trip we did everything from night markets, hiking, hanging out in coffee shops to walking and exploring around. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

Do you like to pack light? What are your must-haves on a trip? And, have you ever forgotten an item behind only to wish you hadn’t?